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What to Bring?

Okay, here it is, the age-old discussion: what do I bring? You’ve been invited to a friend’s house to hang out, and you ask if you can bring anything. They respond with, “nah, not really, maybe a bag of chips or something.” A bag of chips or something. That’s hardly helpful.

I mean, yes, if you show up with a bag of chips to a casual gathering, no one will be sad; no one will say “ugh, chips are the worst.” Because no one says that, because everyone from the local baker to Emergency Tree Service Kansas City MO likes chips. And no one’s going to be expecting you to show up with wedding catering level apps here. But what if you want to step it up from a bag of chips? Below I’ve compiled some suggestions about what kind of snack you should bring where. (Please note that these are just my own suggestions, and there is absolutely no empirical evidence to back any of this up.)  Continue reading What to Bring?