Let’s Talk about Fruit

Yep, fruit. Fruit always sounds like a great snack idea in theory, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s not necessarily part of everyone’s diet, even though it should be. I’ve often found myself thinking at night about what I’ll bring to munch on during breaks at work the next day, and so often I decide that an apple or a handful of grapes would be a good idea. And I’m not wrong!

On days that I actually get up early-enough and am organized-enough to create some semblance of a lunch to bring, I do make an effort to throw in some fruit, and you know what, I feel good when I open my bag at work and see a banana, and I feel good after I’ve eaten it. I feel energized and uplifted, stronger than the best tow truck Hamilton ON has available, as if the fruit has done some good not only for my body, but for my spirit.

Call me dramatic, but eating fruit makes me feel like a goddess, and I will not apologize for it. Anyway, all that said, I am usually not organized in the morning, sometimes waking up with just enough time to braid my hair and throw on a toque, and the last thing on my mind is grabbing an orange. What I should really do, of course, is prepare some fruity goodness the night before, so all I have to do is throw it in my bag in the morning. But I don’t. And this is due mostly due to laziness, I must admit.

There is absolutely nothing stopping me from washing up some grapes at night and sticking them in a tupperware container. So why don’t we do this? I mean, I shouldn’t speak for everyone, because I know some people who do do this quite regularly, and I’m pretty envious. So maybe a more pertinent question is: how is it that some people are so much better at doing this than others?

I have a couple of ideas. First, and this may sound like a small thing, but seriously you need to get some proper containers for your fruit. Granted, some fruit, like apples and oranges and other not-so-juicy fruity delights, don’t have leakage issues. That said, things like recently-washed grapes, cut up pineapple or kiwi or, God forbid, pre-sectioned grapefruit, tend to leak, whether it be water or sticky fruit juice.

Either way, don’t want that in my bag. So! Get some containers that actually click shut. I personally love Glasslock containers, featured above. Yes, they’re glass, which makes them a little heavy, but they’re really durable and they do not leak. I promise. No leaks. Highly recommend. You’re much more likely to bring fruit to work when you’re certain it won’t turn your bag into a swamp.

So what else are these fruit fiends doing that some of us aren’t? Quite simply, we need to make the prep the night before part of the routine. As I said above, as far as I’m concerned, anyway, it’s laziness. No excuse except for that. So, something I’ve started doing is incorporating the preparation of fruit (or veggies, let’s not discriminate) into my nightly routine.

For example, let’s say you decide to watch an episode of something to wind down before bed. Instead of flopping onto the couch with your computer, bring the computer into the kitchen and wash up some grapes, or portion out some clementines, or pre-peel an orange and put the wedges into a container.

Even better, while you’re at it, make four or five portions in case you don’t have a whole lot of time to prep over the next few days. It’s all about the effort we’re willing to put into being that little bit healthier. Remember, saying “I don’t have time” is just saying “it’s not as important as something else I’m doing.” Is eating fruit really less important than twenty more minutes on the couch watching a Friends rerun? Your call.

Does cutting into a grapefruit create a juicy mess for you? Yeah, me too. So here’s a professional to show you how to do it properly.