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Pinterest Problems

I feel like I need to talk to someone about the struggles of browsing Pinterest for snack ideas, and because no one I talk to has any interest in listening to my seriously first world problems, I figured I’d just write about it and you guys can read it at your leisure (or not, but I’m going to write it anyway). So obviously Pinterest is great, not only as a tool of procrastination, for which I use it quite frequently, but also for browsing geeky fandom stuff, finding hilarious memes to send to my sister, and, of course,  to browse recipes.

Sometimes I go on Pinterest looking for a specific type of snack recipe (I’ve made some wicked good cookies from recipes I’ve found on Pinterest), but other times I’m just scrolling innocently and come upon the most beautiful-looking snack recipe that I would absolutely destroy if I ever were to try it. We’ve all been there, right? We see, like, little Santas that can (apparently) be made from little more than whipped cream and a strawberry (see right … still not convinced those are real).

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